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M.D Talk at Black Sheep Industries

2021 kick started and January has almost passed, incredible how time flies when you are having fun.


One thing is for certain, COVID is still here for a little longer but at least we know what we are dealing with.

With the aforementioned said, we now need to invest time into proactivity and not negativity, in other words; Let’s get moving - forward.


I am extremely excited for 2021 as I believe that this will be one of our most successful years as we have so much opportunity waiting to be explored.

Black Sheep Industries has some exciting milestones for the year which will propel our business to the next level.


We have a great team who are committed to improve people’s lives through engineering, which is the purpose of Black Sheep Industries.

We have truly created “THE ENGINEERING HUB” where we offer ENGINEERING & AUTOMATION solutions to our customers without being “a master of none”.

We are implementing a smart factory in 2021 which will be running off a cloud based ERP system.

This will allow us to automate all systems and processes to ensure that we stay up to date with the latest technology in the world.

We are committed to improve our customer experience and to offer only the highest quality workmanship.

 Let’s make 2021 the most successful year regardless of what hurdles it may bring.

I wish you all the success, happiness and good health!


Let’s do this!

Wesley Augustyn